Who I Am

My name is Kayti Dean.  It is a very nice to meet you!

I suppose I could share a great many details about who I am here, but at the heart of it all I am simply a person on an journey.  If I’m honest with myself, I’m not sure what destination I am seeking;  I never seem to end up where I expect to anyway!

So here is where I am at the moment.

I am a great many things, including a wife and mother.  I am also a baker, a crafter, a card-maker, a singer, a volunteer, a reader, and a thinker.  I am curious, as well as stubborn, insightful, and occasionally cranky.

My credo has become to empower, encourage, and equip the people and the organizations I work with to excel and endure in whatever mission, vision, or task they are working towards.

I happen to follow the tenants of Christianity, identifying myself as a Christian although I realize that description holds a lot of different meanings for people.  I wrestle with the concept of being a pastor, a preacher, and/or a theologian, all of which seem like lofty ventures and yet those are roles I often fill whether I intend to or not.

This space is a step along my journey, and I am glad to meet you here!

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