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Recently someone asked me about my education, and I (striking a very meditative pose, with my arms spread and my thumbs touching my forefingers) responded rather melo-dramatically, “I have a Master of Divinity.”

I’ll admit:  I was tempted to say “I am…” instead of “I have…”

It’s true, though.  I have my Master of Divinity – earned after countless hours of commuting to CRCDS in Rochester, NY.  After countless hours of sitting in a classroom asking questions and gleaning wisdom from my professors and peers.  After countless hours of working on papers through the night while my kids slept.  After countless meals prepared by my husband, and countless friends coming to help with the kids.  After countless episodes of Sesame Street playing in the background as I read textbooks.  After countless references to the theological undertones that may be found in Harry Potter, or Dr. Seuss, or the Simpsons (just for fun!).  After countless hours of wondering if I was doing the right thing, wrestling with the “Mommy-Guilt” and questions of what I would do with such a degree, trying to explain (or justify acceptably) my decision to leave my gainfully-employed husband and under-the-age-of-5 children behind week after week and spend one very-full day seeking an education that didn’t seem practical unless I was already on my way towards Ordination.

I have a Master of Divinity degree.  I am (at the moment) a highly-educated Lay Person who preaches and counsels and leads churches as needed.  I enjoy reading Scripture and finding nuggets of insight or wisdom, and sharing those nuggets with others – even when they are difficult messages to share.  I have no definitive answers; only a continuing journey of faith.

I would like to use this space to post my sermon notes, my theological thoughts, my reflections on Scripture, and so forth.  It is my prayer that you will find hope here – when you enjoy what is shared here as well as when you feel challenged or uncomfortable.  I don’t expect that everyone will agree with me – in fact, you may have some very compelling theological arguments you’d like to share – but please respect that my intent is to share what is on my heart and mind when it comes to the Divine – and that your experience and belief of the Divine will differ from mine by the very fact that we are different people, with different experiences and different understandings of how the Divine operates and is found in the world.

I do welcome and respect your perspective and thoughts, and ask that you will do the same for me and for others in this space.  Thank you.

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