Creative Works

I firmly believe that we are inherently creative beings.  We create with our words, our hands, our bodies, our minds – using paint or cement or food or a pen or other materials that seem to offer themselves as a form with which we can express our inmost thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and desires.

I used to enjoy painting and creating collages to share what I couldn’t put into words.  Somewhere along the way, however, I stopped painting and creating in those ways – they seemed frivolous or impractical, even self-indulgent, in light of the daily routines and needs of my family.  I still allowed myself to create in other ways: baking, sketching, writing occasionally, taking pictures, stamping cards…I’ve been trying to tame my creativity instead of letting it run free!

No more.

I am determined to reclaim my creativity – to find ways to spark my imagination and allow it to run free.  My work may not seem like anything earth-shattering or museum-worthy, but they are my thoughts and my works – they are my expressions of myself, my thoughts, and my feelings – which I would like to share, here.

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