At the Homefront

I love my family – I am incredibly blessed, and I realize it.   They are part of who I am, and they help me find balance.  They have inspired me – challenged me – even dared me – to be a better person, to keep learning and growing, to do whatever I can to make the world a better place.

This space is set aside for my family – for whatever thoughts, hopes, reflections, even struggles I would like to share, inspired by them.   This isn’t a place for venting frustration at the mounting laundry pile (which will always resemble Mount Fuji to some degree), nor is it a place where I intend to brag about their accomplishments (although I am amazed and incredibly proud of them!).  Being a wife and a mother, a sister and a daughter, is part of my journey – and a part that should be shared.

Over time and because of so many life changes I have allowed my world to shrink down to my family, my day job, and the local church community – out of self-preservation, fear of rejection, exhaustion from starting over time and again, even from out of plain frustration at having to learn new street names and grocery-store layouts.  As much as I love and appreciate being a wife, mother, sister, and daughter – I am restless.

This venture – this space carved out in the corner of the world (wide web) – is part of my attempt to stretch the boundaries of my world.  To reach places I’ve never seen before – to speak to people I may never meet in person but whom I would love to get to know.  To share the realities of marriage, parenthood, daily life and routine with honesty as well as humor (and humility!).  To recapture the excitement and joy I’ve always had about traveling, while being present to take care of my family.

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